WWE News: Roman Reigns featured as a major DC Villain in new illustration

WWE News: Roman Reigns featured as a major DC Villain in new illustration.

In the midst of all the ups and downs Roman Reigns has been through in his WWE career following his infamous suspension, a whole new world of possibilities have opened up for the former WWE World Heavyweight courtesy of Comic artist Kode.

The artist known as Boss Logic has portrayed Reigns in one of his recent art pieces as none other than famous DC Villain Lobo, who is known for his brutality and insanity, something which greatly resembles the image of Roman Reigns:

Below is the illustration posted by the comic artist and the synopsis on it as seen on comicbook.com:

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With the DC Extended Universe in full swing, fans are always thinking about what could be next. Whether it’s casting for the Batman solo film, or plot ideas for Man of Steel 2, there is always a new rumour or dream that finds its way around the Internet.

As if the rumour mill wasn’t already working overtime, the production of Justice League has gossip at an all time high. Whenever an actor appears in the same city as the set, or follows a producer on Twitter, the simplest of coincidences give way to total uproar.

The latest of these dream-castings involves WWE superstar, Roman Reigns, as Lobo.

Between the immense popularity garnered by Roman Reigns, and the success Deadpool, this seems like a fan idea that could become much closer to reality.

It’s notable here that Roman Reigns being cast as Lobo in an upcoming DC movie is not a complete assumption. There is enough history between WWE and Hollywood and many WWE superstars have tried to make it onto the silver screen.

While most of them have failed to leave a long-lasting impression on the big screen, there are still quite a few success stories such as the ones of The Rock and Dave Bautista, that act as an inspiration for the rest who want to try their hand at acting. Similarly, the recent success of movies such as Suicide Squad and Deadpool have inspired movie makers to break the barriers and go beyond their limits when it comes to the superhero genre.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise if DC decides to bring the ultra-violent, motorcycle-riding, intergalactic bounty hunter to the cinema screen in an upcoming sequel of Suicide Squad and choose none other than Roman Reigns to portray it.

For now, Roman Reigns is busy trying to figure out his position in the company and get into the WWE Universal title picture after being screwed over by Triple H in the fatal four-way match. DC would still have to think a lot before bringing a character such as Lobo, who killed his entire race just for the sake of a school project into any of their movies.


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