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Everyone looked up to The Great Khali

Everyone looked up to The Great Khali whether you wanted to or not.

Thats because the 7-foot-1, 347-pound skyscraper of a WWE Superstar couldn’t help but tower over all of the WWE Universe. Khali stood out from every crowd not only for his overwhelming size, but also for being the first to blaze a trail to WWE from his native India. His formative years might have inclined The Punjabi Giant toward some good-humored fun like dancing up a storm or courting a lucky lady for the Kiss Cam, but Khali frequently called upon his Rajput heritage to become a proud warrior in the ring.

Khalis battle-ready mentality and intimidating presence combined to make him a unique threat to every member of the WWE roster. He had successfully stood tall against celebrated WWE Superstars including The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, John Cena and Jinder Mahal. And he was the last man standing in a 20-Man Battle Royal on SmackDown in 2007 that allowed Khali to realize his dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

Success in the WWE ring led to notoriety away from it for Khali, whose sizable achievements made him a national hero in India. He frequently has appears on screens of all sizes from Bollywood to Hollywood, which includes prominent acting roles in the feature films The Longest Yard (2005), Get Smart (2008), and MacGruber (2010), in addition to guest star appearances on the NBC series Outsourced and the Disney Channel series, Pair of Kings.

With a massive frame and a huge heart to match, The Great Khali was a gentle goliath beloved by the WWE Universe until he retired in November 2014 to return to India and train aspiring WWE Superstars.

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