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The Undertaker return SmackDown Live

The Undertaker ReturnSmack Down Live

This final video of episode 343 of Chair Shot Reality is all about The Undertaker at SmackDown Live for the 900th episode. Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg debate on what his appearance could mean. Heres a sample of the conversation:

Justin LaBar: Survivor Series a joint show so theres going to be promotion of it the night before on the stacked RAW in Buffalo. Undertaker has to do something. He cant just walk out then turn around and leave. Edge has Cutting Edge with Shane so he has a purpose to further something and promote Survivor Series. If Undertaker is out there, question everyone has is what does he do at WrestleMania because thats what his schedule has been reduced to. How do you not make a much and it has to be him versus John Cena? Cenas a SmackDown guy and we havent seen him in a while. So you know Josh, this needs to be a repeat of Triple H and Undertaker years ago with one guy comes out and the other interrupts the entrance. Then a stare down.

Josh Isenberg: Let me give you another alternative. For months weve heard about what WWE wants to do with Royal Rumble. Its in Texas and we know his connection there. Have Undertaker come out and say I want to go out on top at WrestleMania and Im entreating the 2017 Royal Rumble. Adds intrigue to the match. Can he actually win? Can he go and have the big match at WrestleMania in Orlando?


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