Roman Reigns hasn’t appeared on WWE television since the October 16 edition of Monday Night Raw. A lot has changed over the last several weeks and Roman’s health status has remained in question until a few days ago. The WWE Universe has been hoping that he’d be back in time for WWE Survivor Series and their hopes were answered when it was officially announced that Roman Reigns will return to Raw next week in Atlanta.

It has been reported that Reigns was medically cleared earlier today to make his return to television. There have been instances where WWE officials have announced matches or appearances and not delivered, but it’s confirmed that Roman Reigns is medically cleared and will finally return to WWE television next week just in time for Survivor Series. Now that Reigns’ return is guaranteed, what will he be doing on the show?

Originally, the plan was for SmackDown Live to invade Raw again, but Roman’s return would be a surprise and turn the tide heading into the event. Roman would have also become the captain of Team Raw. Those plans have been scrapped and WWE officials have decided not to delay The Shield’s reunion and have set a huge match against The New Day, which will most likely become official during Roman’s return segment.

Roman Reigns may not always have the best dynamic with the WWE Universe, but his return will mean the continuation of The Shield. One of the ulterior motives for reuniting The Shield was to hold Roman Reigns over on WWE television for the rest of the year. It’s unclear if The Hounds of Justice will disband after the PPV, but the powers that be knew they had to bring the trio back for at least one match. It made more sense to bring them back for WWE Survivor Series than delay their run until a house show or an episode of Raw.

It was just bad luck that derailed The Shield’s reunion, but the WWE Universe will be excited to have them back. Meanwhile, WWE officials can give the fans another reason to watch Survivor Series. Depending on how the powers that be book Roman’s return segment, he may receive the most positive reaction from the WWE Universe of his career. Hopefully, this return can catapult him and WWE programming through the rest of the year and into WrestleMania season.

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